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Discount Percentage to Amount TDL for Tally Prime

Discount Percentage to Amount TDL for Tally Prime

Discount Percentage to Amount TDL for Tally Prime


How will the entry of amount instead of discount percentage be done for you? For that I have created a Discount Percentage to Amount Column TDL (Tally Definition Language) for Tally prime. Which I am going to give you today and I am showing below all the details on how to use it. By using which you can easily round off the rate by putting a discount amount in the rate amount in the bill.

How to Add-On this TDL File in Tally Prime

Step 1. Go to Gateway of Tally.
Step 2. Then Press the Ctrl+Alt+T button
Step 3. Now Press F4 Button or Click on the "Manage Local TDLs” button
Step 4. Now do “Yes” to the “Load Selected TDL Files on Startup” option
Step 5. Now in the next line Enter the TDL File Path
Step 6. Now save the settings
Your TDL File is ready to use.

Benefits of Tally Prime Discount Percentage to Amount TDL.

If I show you what is the advantage of TDL discount amount, you can easily discount any rate by the above amount and you can round off, so you don't need to find the percentage. E.g. If the rate is Rs 1542, you can easily round it off by writing the above Rs 42 discount. along with this tdl if you have not used Grid Lines TDL with Transport Wise Report TDL and Salesman Wise Report TDL then you can download it by clicking highlited word and reading his blog.

Disadvantages of Tally Prime Discount Percentage to Amount TDL

This converts the percentage you previously entered in Invoice into an amount using TDL. For example, a 10% discount on a bill will convert it to Rs 10, so your final amount will not matter but the rate will change. Don't worry, if you don't save it, no problem, but once you save the voucher again, you can't invoice that party again as old. So if you want to print bill as before invoice then after this TDL load function do not make any correction in old invoice, if you want to make correction and take print as old then you have to close this TDL and take print.

In short, I have shown you this tally prime tdl, you can download it after reading this blog and watching the video on my youtube channel VRCrackrs, if you get any data loss of tally then I am not responsible because I have already shown you everything that can benefit and harm.
Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this blog.

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