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How to Print Address on Envelope Best TDL for Tally Prime

How to Print Address on Envelope from Tally Prime | Best Envelopes Printing Module for Tally Prime 3.0 | Tally TDL

How to Print Address on Envelope Best TDL

With the help of the TDL file that I VR Crackrs will give you today, you can easily print your envelopes from Tally Prime, Tally Prime 3.0 and Tally ERP9. I will free you from hand writing the party address on the envelope from today and start printing the envelope from the printer!.

Know the best TDL for Tally Prime to easily print address on envelope. Get step-by-step instructions from vrcrackrs today to print an address on an envelope quickly and accurately.

This is a very simple and nice process, here I will show you how to get Tally Definition Language (TDL) programming code for envelope printing from Tally Prime and explain it to you through screenshots. And you can watch the video with the tutorial from my YouTube channel vrcrackrs.

To print the address on the envelope, first you have to load the tally definition language (TDL) file provided by me and install it in Tally Prime. As per my experience you might be able to do this but if you don't then don't worry today VRCrackrs will show you the procedure to load that too which will be as below.

How to add address on envelope TDL file in Tally Prime?

    Step 1. Go to Gateway of Tally.
    Step 2. Then Press the Ctrl + Alt + T button Or Press F1 Go to TDL and Addons
    Step 3. Now Press F4 Button or Click on the "Manage Local TDLs” button.
    Step 4. Now do “Yes” to the “Load Selected TDL Files on Startup” option
    Step 5. Now in the next line Enter the TDL File Path
    Step 6. Now save the settings
Your Print Address on Envelope TDL File is ready to use.

This TDL specifically enhances the functionality of Tally Prime for printing addresses on envelopes. This Best Powerful Address Print on Envelope TDL is brought to you by VRCrackrs Developer.

Print on Plain Envelope and Pre-printed Envelopes

You should now be able to load tally definition language (TDL) files into Tally Prime as shown above!

Now I will VRCrackrs show you how to print address on envelope.

Before that, I would like to tell you that you have not been given such an address printing on envelope option by other tally developers so far!

I will have two types of envelopes printed for you from Tally Prime. If you are using the first of those two types of envelopes, the plain envelope, this Tally Definition Language (TDL) will be useful for them as well.

And another type is a pre-printed envelope that has your company logo and your address pre-printed on it. If you use it, you will be able to do address printing from Tally Prime via this Tally Definition Language (TDL).

In Tally Prime 3.0 you can print from these three options as below. 

Print on Plain Envelopes and Pre-Printed Envelopes Print from the following location.

(1) Envelope Print from Ledger Report
(2) Envelope print From Ledger contact
(3) Envelope Print from Ledger Alter or Display

You can easily print address on envelope from above three places whether you are using tally prime or tally ERP 9.

(1) Envelope Print from Ledger Report

To print envelopes you need to print any party envelopes you want to go to the ledger report.

Gateway of Tally-> 

            Display More Reports-> 

                        Accounts Books ->

                                Ledger ->

                                        Select Ledger->

After entering the ledger you are given a shortcut button by VRCrackrs in the right side button menu.

(Ctrl + E) for Plain Envelope.

(Ctrl + P ) for Pre-Printed Envelope.

After clicking on both the options mentioned above you have to select the printer first.

Envelope address printing for all the three options, you have to print using the method mentioned below. 

For which if you are using Tally ERP9 then you can select printer through Right Side Shortcut button or select your printer by pressing Shortcut key Alt + S (Contact) 


If you are using tally prime 2.0 or tally prime 3.0 then you have to select printer from shortcut button F6 or right side button bar. The most important point for you is that you have to select landscape mode to print address on envelope and its Also, if you have any envelope inside the printer, the front part of the envelope should go inside the printer first, and you have to put it in landscape mode.

After doing this you will see the print preview. And you can print it by clicking on print button or by using Alt + P by default tally print shortcut key.

(2) Envelope print from Ledger contact

In this second way, you can view the Ledger contact details from the Ledger report itself by using the contact button (shortcut key Alt + S) in the right side bar. From there you can print using the method mentioned above.

(3)Envelope Print from Ledger Alter or Display

To use this option, go to Gateway of tally. If you are using Tally ERP 9 version, then go to Account Info and go to Ledger Alter or by going to Display and select Ledger, from there you can print using the method mentioned above.

If you are using tally prime latest versions then got to

gateway of tally -> Alter -> Ledger.

From the party ledger List that will be opened in front of you, you have to print the envelope of the party for which you want to print, after selecting the party, you have to print it as mentioned in the Envelope Print from Ledger Report.

Tally Prime Best Powerful Print Address On Envelope TDL


In this way you can easily make a good impression on your customers by printing on the address envelope. And you show your talent by impressing your boss, co-employees with this, I VRCrackrs hope that you can get a good increment in salary too!

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