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Best Top 10 CPM Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

Best Top 10 Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

CPM ad network technologies are expanding exponentially in the current programmatic market.

Discover the Best Top 10 CPM Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024 Get detailed info on the latest CPM ad networks to maximize your website's revenue.

The long-standing market leaders are today, however, under fierce competition from businesses that innovate and create technological solutions brimming with targeted strategies, real data, and smartphone advertising capability.

Today, affordable CPM business models of monetization have been made available to advertisers by small enterprises that collaborate with them as successfully as industry titans.

Let's examine present and forthcoming ad network features and determine how you may use them to expand your company.

Here is a list of 10 best high CPM ad networks for publishers in 2024:

  1. Publift
  2. Google AdSense
  3. AdCash
  4. Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion)
  5. BuySellAds
  6. Propeller Advertisements
  7. UberCPM
  8. Conversant Media
  9. Adbuffs
  10. Media.net


What is CPM?

Cost per mill, or CPM, stands for cost per thousand impressions.
It is used to measure the cost of publishing an advertisement and receiving 1,000 views on a website.
Every time an ad is shown, brands can make money thanks to the CPM model.

It is the most popular way among mobile publishers and the most widely used method for pricing mobile advertisements since it places more of an emphasis on impressions than clicks. Read more whats is CPM Full From.

How does CPM function? 

The most popular pricing strategy for digital advertising is the CPM revenue model.
The strategy is based on impressions, a measurement that gauges how much interaction a given advertisement receives.
For every thousand times an advertisement is viewed, advertisers give website owners a set fee.

When using CPM, even if there is only one page view, the advertiser pays for two impressions if an ad is posted twice on the same webpage of a website. Read more What is cost per mille (CPM) in Marketing?

How to determine CPM

The CPM formula is cost/total impressions multiplied by 1000:

How to determine CPM

By using the CPM formula, you can rapidly calculate how many impressions you will get for a certain sum of money or how much you would pay for a given number of impressions. 

When selling ad space, publishers will define their desired CPM, which varies depending on whether the advertiser targets a specialised, limited audience or purchases a significant number of ad impressions.
Each ad, each ad placement, and each campaign may all be measured using CPM.

Ad networks and exchanges perform distinct functions in the advertising ecosystem, although having a similar nature.

An aggregator known as an ad network purchases and sells advertising space from publishers to businesses.

Why utilise CPM?

Publishers may significantly gain from CPM ad bundles. This can make it easier to earn cash because consumers don't have to engage with or click on the actual advertisement. In other words, publishers can be compensated for running advertisements on their websites.

Getting users to interact with or click on an ad is far more difficult than this. It is important to keep in mind that the CPM model's rates are not as high as those for other metrics, so a website has to have a lot of visitors to generate a profit.

Publishers of mobile games and apps may utilise CPM to efficiently estimate the revenue they can earn from including advertisements in their products. To determine how much money companies may make from inserting advertising in their applications and games, various estimations, such as the average number of impressions provided and the number of daily active users, can be paired with particular ad network metrics, such CPM or eCPM. To guarantee that their apps continue to be successful, each seasoned mobile publisher has to be aware of these figures.

Even new bloggers may utilise well-known CPM ad networks and use them to make money because it is simple to be accepted for them. Furthermore, CPM ad networks don't need traffic from specific markets or high-quality traffic.the CPM approach makes calculating how much you can spend simple. 

Pricing for CPM and other forms of web advertising

CPM is less complex than more recent pricing methods since no particular user behaviours, such as installs or clicks, are required.

For instance, the cost-per-view measure counts the number of times advertising are viewed in their entirety. Cost per engagement is fairly comparable because it solely takes into account user-initiated actions.

CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and CPC (cost-per-click?) are two examples of more common advertising metrics. In CPC, advertisers click on the ad and then ask a visitor to make a purchase after interacting with the ad.

Such advertisements are designed to market a product to a certain niche market. At the same time, whether a commercial aims to spread a certain message or improve brand awareness

What Are the Benefits of CPM Advertisements?

1. Profoundly Productive (for Distributers)

CPM may be especially profitable for distributers, as they get income fair for setting advertisements on their site. Not as it were is this less demanding than getting clients to tap on or lock in with an advertisement, but ordinarily, these comes about depend more on publicizing itself than a distributer.

Be that as it may, as said over, there's a downside that's imperative to consider. CPM rates are not as big as other measurements, so website needs a impressive sum of activity in the event that it needs to form more advertisement income.

2. Brand Acknowledgment (for Promoters)

Once we have tended to the clear preferences of CPM programs for distributers, a few may conclude that there's small utilize for an advertisement company to set up a CPM-based program, since impressions are not as important as sees, establishments, and buys. To confirm in case this can be accurate, we will see at the CPM program from the viewpoint of the promoting offices.

as of now expressed, utilizing CPM advertisements is the perfect method to make a solid taking after and increment brand acknowledgment. In the event that a modern company has been set up, it is imperative to make the brand recognizable and make validity with planned clients. On the off chance that a client has never listened of a certain company, it is profoundly dicey that he or she would right away buy a item upon seeing an promotion on the Web. In brief, making brand value is more intelligent than pushing towards changes from the onset. And that's absolutely the case when publicizing CPM estimating is going to be the idealize model for marketers.

It's too a keen thought to utilize CPM to create your target audience persona and advance your commerce to them. You'll seek after distinctive age categories, such as youths or seniors, by putting an advertisement on focused on websites. At that point, on the off chance that you degree and compare engagement on both sites, you'll alter your procedure appropriately and continue together with your promoting, without wasting money on inquire about.

The viability of the campaign can be calculated through different pointers, but one of the most common is CTR, which is brief for click-through rate. It is calculated as a rate of individuals who clicked on your notice after they came over it.

Points of interest of CPM Advertisement Systems for Little and Medium Distributers

CPM-based distributer advertisement systems cruel that CPM rates for repayment for media proprietors are measured utilizing the CPM income show. Promoters pay a taken a toll per thousand impressions, which benefits them since produced impressions result in more clicks. Within the CPC show, in the mean time, the promoters offered for a indicated sum of clicks.

When such clicks are gotten, the campaign is considered total, and the sees are now not shown to buyers. That's why CPM substance is mostly used for showcasing and brand mindfulness campaigns instead of performance-based. The CPM model generates sales for the distributer based on the number of impressions served.

A few of the other benefits of CPM promoting for little and medium distributers include:

1. Ease of Advertisement Execution Tracking for Publishers

One of the focal points of CPM advertisement systems is the effortlessness with which distributers can screen advertisement victory. Payment is transferred to the publisher account each time the page is stacked, notwithstanding of whether or not clicks happen.

The tall volume of activity is another additionally. CPM ad systems for little distributers and bloggers may have a littler necessity for activity qualification.

2. Broad Market Coverage

The CPM ad network strategy is the most popular due to its low cost to marketers. As a result, it is frequently seen in different ad exchanges. Effective cost per thousand impressions, or eCPM, is the currency used to pay publishers. Publishers use it as a statistic to determine the yield they receive from sold goods. When the eCPM is high, the publisher has made a lot of money from ad sales, and when it is low, the publisher has made more average money from ad sales. Publishers can improve monetization income by utilising a CPM ad network because this revenue model assumes large visitor levels.

FAQ: -

(1) Which is the best ad network for publishers?

The best ad networks for publishers in 2024 are:

  • Google AdSense.
  • Amazon.
  • AdRoll.
  • Adsterra.
  • Dianomi.
  • Epom Ad Server.
  • GroundTruth.
  • Infolinks.

(2) Which ad network is best for India?
  • Google AdSense & Ad Exchange. AdSense is Google's flagship ad network and a great way to start monetizing website traffic.
  • PubMatic. PubMatic offers a range of solutions to publishers and focuses on transparency and ad quality. ...
  • Xandr. 
  • Magnite. 
  • Media.net. 
  • OpenX.
  • Sovrn.
  • SmartAdServer.

(3) What is CPM for publishers?

  • CPM is an acronym for cost per mille, meaning the cost per thousand impressions. It refers to how much it costs to have an ad published and seen a thousand times on a website and is used to monitor ad performance. The CPM model allows brands to make money each time an ad is displayed.

(4) Which ad network pays the most?

  • Google AdSense. Google AdSense is probably the most popular ad network for publishers, and with good reason. ...
  • Media.net. Media.net is a contextual ad network that offers high payouts to publishers. ...
  • AdThrive. ...
  • Ezoic. ...
  • Sovrn.

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