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Grid Lines Add on TDL in Tally Prime 2024

Grid Lines Add on TDL  File in Tally Prime for Invoice and Report Print | Help for Tax Audit for AY 24-25

Grid Lines TDL in Tally Prime for Invoice and Report Print

So far you have seen Print Address on Envelope TDL, Save Transport Details in Tally Prime, Salesman Wise Report TDL. Today I bring you a unique TDL grid lines TDL. 

Grid Lines TDL in Tally Prime to improve your invoice and reporting processes. Elevate your financial skills with our detailed guides and tutorials.

Hello friends welcome to my blog. I am VRCrackrs and today I have brought Grid Line TDL in Tally Prime which you can use now come the time of tax audit of AY 2023-2024 in which it will be used so nice and well that you will be surprised to use it. Because these grid lines printed reports using TDL will make the auditors feel so easy to check the report that they will leave the impression of you as a smart accountant.

Where are grid lines TDL useful?

In audit you have to print reports like cash register, sales register, bank register, journal register if there are grid lines to do all that then the auditor will also enjoy doing the audit.

So today I have brought you a special Grid Lines TDL, you can use it from anywhere. You can see on my youtube channel VRCrackrs and see through blog picture that shortcut keys of grid lines are given everywhere.

Now you can print report with lines using Tally Prime TDL. As you go to the balance sheet, pressing Ctrl + Y will give you the option to select the grid line and immediately after that you can select the grid line and view the balance sheet. Which you are seeing in the screenshot.

Grid Lines Balance Sheet

Similarly you can print grid lines in Tally ERP9 or Tally Prime 3.0 any sales invoice by going to sales register, you can also print lines in register, it will also print in purchase register, after that you can use it in purchase invoice as well.

With that you can have a unique experience by using my Tally Prime Discount Percentage to Amount TDL.
Grid Lines Sales Invoice

So all these reports will be so useful for you in the audit report of the upcoming assessment 2023 24 that the auditors will be happy if you print them and give them.

How to enable grid lines in Tally Prime?

Your grid lines tdl in tally Prime is ready to use.Now go to whatever report lines you want to print Click on the Grid Lines button from the right bar or press the shortcut key Ctrl + y.
As you can see in the screenshot, you will be asked to select the grid lines color, select any one you like and your report with lines is ready to print.

Grid Lines Select Option

Grid Lines TDL in Tally Prime for Invoice and Report Print

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