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Google Updates PageSpeed Insights With Lighthouse Ver.11

Google PageSpeed Bits of knowledge is upgraded with unused highlights from Lighthouse Version 11. -2023

Google Updates PageSpeed Insights With Lighthouse 11

Google has overhauled PageSpeed Experiences with a unused adaptation of Lighthouse. The modern adaptation contains unused reviews, bug fixes and changes to scoring.

Lighthouse 11

Lighthouse is an open source estimation device that makes a difference investigate site execution issues.

It's too the innovation that powers PageSpeed Bits of knowledge and other apparatuses that degree center web vitals.

Google discharged the most recent adaptation, Lighthouse 11, on Monday, Admirable 28th.

Changes To Lighthouse 11/PageSpeed Experiences

There are numerous changes presented.

The taking after changes and increments are eminent:

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New accessibility audits

Changes to how best practices are scored 

Largest Contentful Paint scoring bug fixed

Updated Interaction to Next Paint (INP) to reflect it’s no longer experimental

Multiple miscellaneous bug fixes

Interaction to Another Paint (INP)

Interaction to Next Paint (INP) may be a modern metric that measures the interactivity of the whole webpage.

It was once an test metric but in May of this year Google evacuated it from the test arrange and it is in line to gotten to be an official Center Web Imperative in 2024.

The alter in Lighthouse 11 is to formally reflect that INP is now not exploratory.

Biggest Contentful Paint (LCP) Scoring Bug Settled

LCP symptomatic criticism appeared an mistake in scoring, a bug that was presented in Lighthouse 10.2.0.

According to the GitHub error report:

Largest Contentful Paint element — Error!” is appearing on all websites, including your own site (https://web.dev/).

It appears to be a bug with the latest version of Lighthouse (Lighthouse 10.2.0) when using PageSpeed Insights.

Screenshot of Bug in Page Speed Insights
Bug in Page Speed Insights

Availability Audits

Site availability isn't right now a positioning calculate and very likely not a quality flag.

However, it's a best hone for web site to operate accurately for as numerous individuals as conceivable.

It's great for society and eventually it's moreover great for the foot line.

Lighthouse 11 introduces 13 new accessibility checks.

  1. aria-allowed-role
  2. aria-dialog-name
  3. aria-text
  4. html-xml-lang-mismatch
  5. image-redundant-alt
  6. input-button-name
  7. label-content-name-mismatch
  8. link-in-text-block
  9. select-name
  10. skip-link
  11. table–duplicate-name
  12. table-fake-caption
  13. td-has-header.



The aria-allowed-role, in basic terms, is the title for a gather of names that makes a difference individuals utilizing assistive advances associated with the webpage.

For case, a point of interest part recognizes the reason of a semantic component.

The Mozilla reference page for the landmark part clarifies:

A point of interest is an abstract part for a segment of substance that is vital sufficient that clients will likely need to be able to explore to the area effectively and have it included in a powerfully created rundown of the page.

Points of interest permit assistive advances to explore and to discover substance quickly.


The image-redundant-alt is an review for recognizing elective content that's redundant since it is set another to content that says the same thing.

An case of repetition is when the alt-text of a button says “Click Here” and the same content (tap here) exists underneath the button.

A screen peruser will studied the alt-text and the content, as tap here, press here.

Updated Lighthouse 11

This upgrade contains numerous critical changes to PageSpeed Bits of knowledge and focuses the way to indeed greater changes coming in 2024.

Perused the Official Declarations

The official declarations are spread out over different pages, counting handfuls of mistake reports on GitHub. 

Here are two good starting points for reading all the details:

What’s new in Lighthouse 11

Lighthouse 11 release notes

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