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Tally Prime Error in Number to Amount in Words or

Tally Prime error in number to amount in words? Or an error in the setting


I bring you this tally prime error in number to amount in words. Maybe some or many people know? But for those who don't know, this blog will help you! But have you seen the Tally Prime error shown in the screenshot above?

Let's play a game to find TallyPrime Error.

You have to answer TallyPrime Error, I have come up with a game for you who will answer this tally prime error I will give you my below premium Tally Definition Language (TDL) list like.

(1) How to Save Transport Details in Tally Prime.

(2) Tally Prime Salesman Wise ReportTally TDL.

(3) Grid Lines TDL in Tally Prime for Invoice and Report Print.

(4) How to Print Address on Envelope Best TDL for Tally Prime.

(5) Discount Percentage to Amount TDL.

Any one of these free TDL to give you. Whatever you want.

How will you participate in this TallyPrime Error game?

So to participate in this, you just have to write the answer why you have this tally prime error in the comment box of my blog and subscribe by entering your mail id in my subscribe mail.

Subscribe Mail

I am going to give you whatever TDL you prefer from the TDL list mentioned above.

Don't know the answer to TallyPrime error?

I will give any TDL gift from me to the person who doesn't know, then you also have to write a comment that I don't know the answer to this, please answer this to me too.

When will you get the answer to tally prime error?

So I will make a video for them on my youtube channel VR Crackrs in the coming time and will inform you.

And you should subscribe my YouTube channel VRCrackrs and subscribe your email id in the mail subscription of the website so that whenever I answer this, you will know about it.


A blog has been written by Vimal Kavar to know how many people know about this tally prime error in number to Amount in Words or not. I am not claiming VRCrackrs through this blog that there is any bug in Tally Prime. And I don't want to cause any harm to their Tally Prime Solusions bussiness. Because I will answer this in future. For those who don't know.

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